Bear Child

A Poem by Joshua Stelling

To me she is the Earth

And like the Earth

She has a broken heart

Unaware sometimes of dawn

Rolling hills and stones like tears or crows

With eyes that show

Epochal sadness washed in oceans

Though time is a jewel

In the valley of her collar

And her skin not like ink, or snow

Like soil

Life is the fool

In her cradle at dawn

There is power in her wisdom

Of endurance she does not know

Like a fawn knows nothing of grace

In the mirror of stars she sees her eyes

Like a bear child plays in constellations

In darkness wrapped, in darkness veiled

The soul of the Earth

Is a lovelorn child

Eternal in rebirth

Like stones can never die

And trees that only rise

The soul of the Earth

Is a ball of fire

And in her eyes the stars find solace

Knowing they have purpose

If only in her dreams

A mare in the night

Without saddle

This girl will always be

In rain

Over sand

Her humble mountain is a

Hand to cup the dawn

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