Oil & Water

1 Falling – like the bass drops in a good slow-banger, or a spirit broken – falling like tension in a dim club when the rhythm picks up – the sensation was unmistakably like falling. A few of us were dancing, thick kids and punks with dreadlocks, long fingers lit up at their tips withContinue reading “Oil & Water”

Katana Wakizashi

Light in Hand Teaser from the Upcoming Novel by Joshua Stelling Arch & Gravity Publishing, 2021 I am the song of mercy, death. I am the one that moves over these desolate roofs, flat like the night, under low clouds.  Everything, once, was the new world.  Before the Night came though I was like anybodyContinue reading “Katana Wakizashi”

Genex of Halcyon

Teaser Selections from the Novel by Joshua Stelling The novel is available HERE, via Amazon or Barnes & Noble Arch & Gravity Publishing 2019 “A soaring vision of the near future. Genex of Halcyon is, quite simply, an outstanding literary work of sci-fi that pushes the boundaries of expression and self-realization.” —Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review December 30,Continue reading “Genex of Halcyon”

What I Am

Flash Fiction by Joshua Stelling Arch & Gravity Publishing 2002, 2021 Blood is red. Eyes are blue; even dead eyes keep their color, even though they can’t see anything anymore. They are still tired looking, still old. Cheeks are rosy, even if it is just the rose of blush. Things are easy to understand sometimes.Continue reading “What I Am”

Reviews Roundup 2021 pt 1

Some quick thoughts and one-offs on the riffraff and b-sides. Enjoy! *Light Spoiler/Offensive Content Warning* Shadow in the Cloud – 7.5 If you’re into synth bass, steampunk, CGM or b-horror shamelessly ripping off The Twilight Zone, Roseanne Liang’s Shadow In the Cloud is an undeniable good time. It doesn’t so much lack for realism asContinue reading “Reviews Roundup 2021 pt 1”

Get Thee Behind Me

Flash Fiction by Joshua Stelling Arch & Gravity Publishing – 2013, 2021 A moment of clarity, as defined, for the streak of light that is a cloud.  It hovers of its own weight, but is not of its own.  Sunset is a string of such moments, frozen then but not alone.  Blue of cotton, whiteContinue reading “Get Thee Behind Me”

4 Books to Change the Future of Economics, and also Walden

It is never too late to give up our prejudices. Henry David Thoreau At 22 I was working at a discount shoe store in Southglenn Mall. It was the year 2000, when the old mall was still there, Tilt Arcade, Orange Julius and all. I had a lot of free time on shift, often workingContinue reading “4 Books to Change the Future of Economics, and also Walden”

Mary Magdalene – Better Late than Never, Movie Review

Rating: 8.5 The world will only change as we change. Mary Magdalene As it does, and we do, so inevitably will the stories we tell about it. Like DiCaprio as Romeo, or Hopkins as Lear, Mara as Mary is familiar immediately, even to those who don’t know her story, and even as it comes, conjuredContinue reading “Mary Magdalene – Better Late than Never, Movie Review”

Organomics: Year Zero

A Progressive Economic Primer Download & Share the PDF/MP3 Updated: 5/19/21 We stand at the gates of a new world.  The time has come to claim our real inheritance, put an end to wage slavery at last, feed the hungry and house the poor, and we can do all of this at zero or negativeContinue reading “Organomics: Year Zero”

The Organomic Manifesto

Download the PDF/MP3 A storm is coming.  The ghosts of our children’s children loom in this cloud, a banshee wailing with the sound of a typhoon, and they warn of a changing climate, mass extinctions, the acidification of our oceans and the desertification of our lands.  A machine is churning around us, a deafening, mindlessContinue reading “The Organomic Manifesto”