Genex of Halcyon – Soft Touch Paperback

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In Genex of Halcyon, Stelling brings us a vision of psychic computers and genetic freaks, competitive laser sports and a love triangle stronger than death itself.  In the throes of a changing climate, in the afterglow of the rise of the machines, strange computers run the unified world, and nothing is forbidden.  As Harmony and Azad find their way, amid the flood of urbanites and misfits, should they pacify what’s missing or trust in the machine?  The choices they make, over these three nights in 2051, will lead them, if through blood and tears, to new horizons.

This is the 1st Edition, Limited Run Soft-Touch Paperback, produced by Arch & Gravity Publishing.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 2 cm


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