A Poem by Joshua L Stelling

If you were going to read a poem

What would you want it to be?

Calm like a ray of light

An epic of destiny?

There is a light that glides

Across a wooden floor

A cosmic messenger

Translating stars

Through dust

Astronauts know

A new age has begun

It doesn’t move, this light, but for the world

Spinning slowly

At my feet

A new age has begun


There is darkness still in the wood

Its curves are like ribs

Curled into knots


Time was it was a tree

A nipple, a leaf

If you were going to live a life

What would you want it to be?

A passage through your time

A shifting of the sea?

Into the night it glides

The shuttle soars

A cosmic messenger

Rocketing us

Among the stars

The explosion will ring out for years

Angels in the sunlight, outside my window play

Their world has been turning

All this time

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4 thoughts on “Angels

  1. I like ANGELS the most. A thread connects all these poems though…time. I think about time a lot, it fascinates me…though I know the true soul of it can’t be grasped by any living thing. It amazes me how many intelligent people believe “time travel” is theoretically possible. No. The notion is total poppy cock and poo-poo. 🐓💩 One of 2 possible realities exist: Time is linear and can’t be budged a “nano second” forward or backwards, OR all times exist silmutaneously. Maybe places too. IMO 😏

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