A Poem by Joshua L Stelling

The motion of my child

The breathing of time

Light at angles comes

Over her shoulder

There is a penetrating glance

Her eyes can see

Years ahead she can’t define

But for a shape in darkness

Curve the hourglass, infinity

Curve the horizon

Mountains, glazing sky

Opening a new direction

This motion of her breathing

Is the motion of the sea

The turning of her glance

Is the focusing of a lens

She says her soul is a waterfall

She says it’s time that we take it all

So the drumline comes


The mind of my child

Is no one’s property

Her eyes

Will see

If you are nailed by her glance

You were some kind of demon

But no more

You are now awakened

Knives of grass, of the sun

Swords of light, with angels come

Her world has been turning

All this time

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