Meme Archive 2020, Vol 1

Below you’ll find a collection of Memes produced by and for Arch & Gravity so far this year, featuring exclusive quotes from Genex of Halcyon and my other writings. Feel free to share far and wide. Our goal, as always, is the further promotion of great and usually unheard or unseen artists. was the source for many of the pics, a great site for rights-free visual art from some amazing and talented people. Be sure to stop by there and check them out. Others have been produced by fans and friends. All the love, folks, so let’s keep building this thing up! I’ll try to come up with some more cool things to say for next month, God willing. Thanks for visiting. Keep an eye on Arch & Gravity over on FB & IG for new memes, awesome shares, exclusive content and new products, every day.

All images are the property of their respective Artists.

All words Copyright 2020 Joshua Stelling.

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