Reaching In

A Poem by Joshua L Stelling

I open my eyes and it is like the sun

This hand

Fingers rays

Reaching in like there’s a hole in my chest

Light passes right through me

Or how do you explain my shadow?

We usually cannot see

The entirety of the line

Circles, we see blades of grass

This hand

Fingers rays

Touching upon my heart

Or how do you explain this warming?

There are things between

The two sides of a line

Infinity, we see blades of grass

I open my eyes and you are like the one

This girl

Eyeballs blaze

Coming in she burns a hole in the east

Her coat is open clouds

Or how do you explain the color?

We are so often blinded by

Things too large to understand

Idolatry, we’re just blades of grass

This girl

Eyeballs blaze

Threading right back to the start

Across the sky she comes

This hand

Right through the veil she comes

Reaching into me

I watch, then blink

Waking with the sun

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