4 Books to Change the Future of Economics, and also Walden

This is the Afterword to the Organomic Thesis. For further reading check: Year Zero: A Progressive Economic Primer I – IIThe Organomic Manifesto III – VThe Tenets of Organomics VI – X Join the discussion at our Facebook Group by clicking here. Watch me discuss the theory with anthropologist Michael Kilman on Youtube Updated: 7/28/23Continue reading “4 Books to Change the Future of Economics, and also Walden”

Organomics: Year Zero

A Progressive Economic Primer Organomics is a school of economic and social theory, for 2024 and beyond. We’re weaving a new fabric out of modern threads – technological evolution, the Green New Deal, Modern Monetary Theory, the invisible economy, universal basic income, free college, universal healthcare, object oriented economics, automation and more. Organomics is builtContinue reading “Organomics: Year Zero”