4 Books to Change the Future of Economics, and also Walden

It is never too late to give up our prejudices. Henry David Thoreau At 22 I was working at a discount shoe store in Southglenn Mall. It was the year 2000, when the old mall was still there, Tilt Arcade, Orange Julius and all. I had a lot of free time on shift, often workingContinue reading “4 Books to Change the Future of Economics, and also Walden”

Organomics: Year Zero

A Progressive Economic Primer Download & Share the PDF/MP3 Updated: 5/19/21 We stand at the gates of a new world.  The time has come to claim our real inheritance, put an end to wage slavery at last, feed the hungry and house the poor, and we can do all of this at zero or negativeContinue reading “Organomics: Year Zero”

The Organomic Manifesto

Download the PDF/MP3 A storm is coming.  The ghosts of our children’s children loom in this cloud, a banshee wailing with the sound of a typhoon, and they warn of a changing climate, mass extinctions, the acidification of our oceans and the desertification of our lands.  A machine is churning around us, a deafening, mindlessContinue reading “The Organomic Manifesto”